Who We Are

Creative Toolkit: ByPeople + Iconshock + Artify + OptimizeImages + WpThemeGenerator

We are a team of designers, developers, and communication ninjas, that since 2016, strives to bring you quality assets and design products and deals ranging from big design bundles to special SaaS subscriptions, utilities, and software for graphic & web designers, webmasters, small business owners, programmers, and freelancers.

We are the company behind ByPeople, Iconshock, Artify, OptimizeImages, and WpThemeGenerator

Our People Come First

We started creating design elements when we released Iconshock, since then, not a single day has gone by for us without an effort to innovate and create new projects. All of our projects have been entirely bootstrapped and funded by us. We want to maintain the same philosophy we had in our first days: being a small team of creative people, enjoying the sunny land of Colombia, and creating & innovating things, without having growth as our primary goal, but the well being of our customers, team, and partners, which we believe is our real profit.

What We Do

We have made amazing deals with renamed companies and also with new innovative entrepreneurship projects. On ByPeople you'll find cool deals from Smashing Magazine, Stone River eLearning & many more.

We promote our deals through our daily newsletter, our weekly digest, and social media profiles as well as ad content on google and Facebook platforms.

Our Homemade Products


Freebies and premium deals

A growing repository with +10k ready-to-download resources for web ninjas updated & curated every day, so it never expires.


We make icons

Iconshock started out small - 2 million icons later, it's simply the largest collection of vector icons available anywhere.


Create remarkable designs in record time

Artify is an easy-to-use web-based design editor packed with a huge library of design assets.


Optimize your images

Use our tool to optimize individual images of your existing images from your website. Webp and Avif supported.


WordPress themes in less than 5 minutes

Create WP themes faster than you can say "wtf" with our WP Theme Generator - the most intuitive & easy to navigate website builder you'll ever use.


An interactive free SVG icons pack

Gradientify is a free, interactive SVG icons pack, customizable with a simple yet powerful gradient editor


Check typefaces and font pairings with this interactive tool

Feel free to try several typefaces in real designs, just select the font or combination you want to try and see the magic!

Our Clients

Our client list speaks for itself. Since our beginning, we have worked with many, from start-ups to recognized companies worldwide with that same passion at the core of every engagement.

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